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A N I M E - A D D I C T S
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What the heck is this Community for?
- This is a community for 100% anime addicts!!! There are all kinds of awesome anime and manga out there that you're just DYING to get a hold of! Wanna know why? Because you're ADDICTED!!

Yeah so sorry for that scary entrance, but I know there are many of you addictive anime fans out there so please come join and be apart of the community! ^_^

- Simple. At the top of this page(the userinfo page), it says, "Below is information about the "A N I M E - A D D I C T S" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time." Click on, "Click Here". Livejournal will then bring you to a site saying, "are you sure?" with a button saying, "join anime addicts!" to join, click on the button and you're set!

Help! I need a good anime site!
- No problem there at all! I totally 100% suggest The Anime Turnpike. It has links to webpages on almost any anime you can think of! If you have a website you'd like to submit, you can submit it there.
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